CPL Sachse Syntheseentwicklung

Syntheses development

We have more than 30 years of experience in the development of organic syntheses for drug substances (APIs).

On receipt of an order for synthesis development we first research the latest state-of-the-art and conduct a feasibility study if applicable. This includes the proposed synthetic route, a schedule and a cost estimate for the execution of the necessary development work. It may also include an estimate of the future manufacturing costs for the drug substance.

Even during initial contact with our customers we exercise a strict policy of discretion and exclusivity.

CPL Sachse Syntheseentwicklung

Our synthesis development services

  • Conducting feasibility studies regarding the development of new syntheses
  • Development of new, multi-level organic syntheses for the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)
  • Optimization of existing organic syntheses
  • Elaboration of alternative synthesis routes
  • Consultation on all matters relating to the APIs
  • Literature searches


As tools for your synthesis development we have scores of reactions at our command. Here is only an overview:

Acetylation O-C-N Acylation
Addition reactions Alkylation
Amination Arylation
Acetylation O-C-N Acylation
Addition reactions Alkylation
Amination Arylation
Bromination Chlorination
Claisen condensation Cyclization
Decarboxylation Dehydrogenation
Dehydration Dehalogenation
Desamination Deazotization
Elimination reactions Formylation
Grignard reactions Heck reactions
Hydration Hydrogenation
Hydrolysis Japp-Klingemann reactions
Condensation Mannich reactions
Methylation Nitration
Nitrile production Oxidation
Phase transfer catalysis Quaternization
Reduction Reformatsky reactions
Robinson-Schoepf reactions Rosenmund reactions
Rosenmund-Braun reactions Sulfonation
Protecting group reactions Tosylation
Transition metal catalyzed Rearrangements
Esterification Etherification